Quite, simply we are negotiable. Please, let’s talk, don’t be silent about it!!! 🙂

Especially right now, in the beginning, we need to build a reputation. We can only do that by having our images in your home, vacation rental, office, building, lobby, restaurant, your space no matter how big or small. It is fun to take images and process them down, put them on the internets and get ‘Likes’ on them. But it’s a lot more fun and rewarding to see your smile as you hang it in your space and see the feels you get when that image is going to represent to you for a long time, over and over what it did the first time you saw it.

We fully own our photographs. They were all taken by us on our equipment, we can refactor them in any way they could be refactored, shape, size, colors, etc. We do process them down for now to the 3 following shapes. Why? Our primary print house most easily prints to these 3 shapes. If you want or need a different shape, 5×7, 8.5×11, etc, we can do that on most images but not all and we can work with other print houses, frame shops, etc.

This is talking about ratios, not size. Using 4×3 as an example, for every inch 4 inches it goes one way, it goes 3 the other. Same for mm, cm, feet, miles etc. For now, this is due to the shapes our primary print house deals with printing and framing. That is Smugmug. This can be changed by us, albeit the original picture size does have some constraints on this. Let’s talk,


Each of us has a Canon R5 which takes pictures up to 44 MP. These are high-end, professional bodies. We also have other bodies in our toolset, Canon RP’s, R6’s, 80D and hopefully will have R7’s by the end of 2022. Each outputs a different image with different qualities. We all own the newest versions of countless image processing software including the full Adobe suites. We can resize that way as well, but there are also other constraints that limit that sometimes. Let me put it another way, an image that looks fantastic on a coffee cup may not look very good at all on a giant wall piece. We will work with you even on the back side if the print just did not work out.

Very Large

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